News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Aquaculture leads fish production, consumption to new highs

The most recent biennial report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stresses the growing importance that aquaculture has as new records for global seafood production and consumption were reached in 2016. 

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Podemos crecer un mejor camarón, y de mejores maneras

El reciente Simposio Centroamericano de Acuicultura en Choluteca, Honduras, reunió a más de 600 participantes para discutir temas de la industria y sus perspectivas. La atención se centró en enfermedades del camarón y sus impactos en la producción, así como 


We can grow better shrimp, and in better ways

The recent Central American Aquaculture Symposium in Choluteca, Honduras, brought together more than 600 participants to discuss industry issues and perspectives. The focus was shrimp diseases and their impacts on production, as well as practical alternatives to face these issues 


Novel light bank reactor aids in microalgae culture

The control of temperature and light intensity in microalgae culture in outdoor tanks is difficult. Progress in algal biotechnology and the use of photo-bioreactors, metabolic engineering and other advances supported development of a novel underwater light bank reactor that allows 


GOAL Shrimp Production Survey: Recovery coming

The GOAL 2015 Shrimp Production Survey showed that global farmed shrimp production is rebounding from the decrease seen from 2011 to 2013 due to diseases, and is headed to an all-time high of around 4.8 million metric tons in 2017, 

Innovation & Investment

GOAL 2015 Day 1: We stand on guard

The 2015 GOAL conference in Vancouver, Canada, kicked off with a First Nations celebration, an industry growth report card and the latest defensive efforts against aquaculture diseases. Simplifying the story, however, may be the tallest obstacle yet. 


Changing the aquafeed paradigm

Change the aquafeed paradigm by viewing feed as an investment, instead of simply as a cost. This can result in greater profitability. 

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More tilapia, higher profit?

The introduction of tilapia to irrigation reservoirs in Israel improved the efficiency of water usage and reduced the cost of water needed for tilapia culture. Although requiring considerable investment, many dual-use reservoirs were constructed and equipped for efficient harvesting. 

Innovation & Investment

Mahimahi aquaculture revisited

Mahimahi is a fast-growing, high-value fish species with excellent potential for aquaculture. The technology for maturation, spawning, larval rearing, fingerling production has been mastered, yet progress toward commercial development has been slow.