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Commercial implementation of in-pond raceway system

An in-pond raceway system in Alabama was utilized to supply various niche markets, including Asian grocery store chains that desired fresh live fish, recreational pond stocking businesses, private pond owners and fee fishing operations. In many cases, a higher price 

Innovation & Investment

Brazil study results encouraging for injector

Zero-exchange biofloc systems allow elevated stocking densities and production, but also require more dissolved oxygen and thorough water circulation. A new type of air injector uses only a centrifugal pump to recirculate water while naturally aspirating ambient air. 

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Health & Welfare

Chemical treatment costs reduced with in-pond raceway systems

By dividing ponds into smaller, more controllable areas, IPRS can substantially reduce chemical treatment costs, improve treatment delivery and allow new treatments that are cost-prohibitive in traditional pond settings. 

Health & Welfare

Raceway systems offer tools for EMS management

Highly controlled tank and raceway systems can help farmers raise postlarval shrimp to larger sizes before stocking in grow-out ponds. Raceways have recently been implemented for EMS management. 

Health & Welfare

Studies advance intensive shrimp culture in zero-exchange biofloc raceways

In ongoing trials of greenhouse-enclosed intensive biofloc shrimp culture systems, the objectives of a 2012 study were to evaluate the performance of fast-growth shrimp fed a commercial diet formulated for high-density culture systems, and to further evaluate injector performance in