News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



La industria de cultivo de camarón en Ecuador, parte 2

En esta segunda de dos partes, la autora describe un plan de mejoramiento competitivo público-privado y cómo la tecnología y las nuevas herramientas mejoraron la producción de camarón en Ecuador. 


Shrimp farming industry in Ecuador, part 2

In this second of two parts, the author describes a public-private competitive improvement plan and how technology and new tools improved shrimp production in Ecuador. 

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For the future, a feed that makes fish feces float?

German researcher believes that floating fish feces – stemming from cork used in feed blends – would help recirculating aquaculture systems more efficiently remove suspended solids. The big question is, will feed manufacturers get on board? 


Podemos crecer un mejor camarón, y de mejores maneras

El reciente Simposio Centroamericano de Acuicultura en Choluteca, Honduras, reunió a más de 600 participantes para discutir temas de la industria y sus perspectivas. La atención se centró en enfermedades del camarón y sus impactos en la producción, así como 


We can grow better shrimp, and in better ways

The recent Central American Aquaculture Symposium in Choluteca, Honduras, brought together more than 600 participants to discuss industry issues and perspectives. The focus was shrimp diseases and their impacts on production, as well as practical alternatives to face these issues 


India a unique opportunity for rainbow trout farming

India has a small trout farming industry in the Himalayan and Southern Peninsula areas. Even though current annual production is only a few hundred tons, the country has many areas that, although geographically difficult to work in, also offer excellent,