News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Ragnar Tveteras

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Changes in European consumer perceptions of farmed salmon

Household surveys have been carried out annually since 2012 in France, Germany and the UK on perceptions and consumption patterns for salmon and meat from agriculture. Results show that salmon is generally perceived as having more beneficial effects than chicken 


Global Farmed Finfish Production Outlook: Slower-paced growth

The GOAL 2016 survey for global production of farmed fish shows that most major finfish groups increased their farmed production in 2015. The total production of species and countries covered by the survey is forecasted to reach 42 MMT in 


Survey: Salmon can gain a stronger position

With much to learn yet from the more mature chicken sector, farmed salmon has potential to become a more favored option for consumers. This study shows the potential for actions in salmon value chains to improve consumer perceptions. 


Global finfish production review: Gradual growth

Recent surveys indicate that global finfish production has doubled over the last decade, but most of this growth happened in the first half of this period. Production is still growing but at slower pace than in recent years, and annual 


Russian food embargo: Who’s been hurt?

Russia’s 2014 embargo on seafood and other food imports from the United States, European Union members and other countries created multiple impacts. Russian consumers have experienced higher prices and declines in the volume and quality of seafood available. Russian companies