News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

recirculating systems


There’s more than one way to grow tilapia  

Tilapia aquaculture has expanded significantly in the last 30 years. Production systems range from extensive, low-density and low-technology in small earthen ponds, to semi-intensive systems in larger ponds, to recirculating systems with high densities.   

Health & Welfare

Why do we feed shrimp the way we do?

The potential shrimp aquaculture has for significant improvements in performance through improved genetics and nutrition will not be fully expressed unless appropriate feeding methods are practiced. 

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Health & Welfare

Rainbow trout attain good growth, health in tank-based recirculating systems

Circular tank-based recirculating aquaculture systems can be used to effectively culture rainbow trout and other salmonids in a bio-secure and environmentally friendly manner that imposes a much lower water and wastewater footprint than traditional flow-through culture technologies. 

Innovation & Investment

Low-space bioreactors remove ammonia in recirculating systems

Despite their relatively small footprint, low-space bioreactors deliver sustainable and cost-effective biological wastewater treatment, particularly in recirculating aquaculture systems, where ammonia removal is critical.