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Electrical conductivity of water, part 1

The electrical conductivity of water, usually called specific conductance or simply conductivity, is an important property of water frequently measured in aquaculture systems, and provides an assessment of the total concentration of dissolved ions in water. 

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New paradigm in pathogen control

Research at a hatchery in Mozambique has demonstrated the possibility of developing acquired immunity to white spot syndrome virus within shrimp. The approach involves activating the immune system via a specific manipulation of water parameters during the treatment, intensity level 

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, part 2

The development of antimicrobial resistance genes in human pathogens as a consequence of exposure to antibiotics in aquaculture is widely documented. Reports implicate foodborne antibacterial-resistant pathogenic bacteria in human disease. 

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Red hogweed fights WSSV, promotes growth in tiger shrimp

A study carried out with the herb punarnava showed that it has antiviral properties in resisting WSSV infection and holds potential to promote growth in tiger shrimp. Increased survival was related to higher dosages. 

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Antimicrobial resistance: complex, unavoidable

Resistance to antibiotics is unavoidable because it is an aspect of bacterial evolution. Resistant microflora have been observed in water that has not had recent contact with antimicrobial agents.