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Roeland Wouters

Health & Welfare

Sound hatchery protocols enhance shrimp postlarvae quality

Investing in the quality of shrimp postlarvae by applying state-of-the-art hatchery management results in a significant return on investment. Nutrition and health protocols have large impacts on postlarvae quality that last beyond the early life stages. 

Health & Welfare

Maximizing profits of larval shrimp rearing

Easily digested, live artemia offer important animal health benefits and improved performance when included in feeding regimes for larval shrimp. Pilot and commercial-scale trials have confirmed that artemia can be partially replaced in shrimp feeding. 

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Health & Welfare

Larval shrimp nutrition, a review

As the industry moves toward the use of domesticated stocks, greater demands will be made on larval shrimp nutrition to support optimum performance. 

Health & Welfare

Broodstock shrimp nutrition, a review

Research into broodstock shrimp nutrition will be a key element in the further use of domesticated and genetically selected stocks for aquaculture.