News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Roy D. Palmer

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See-food: Eat fish for healthy eyes

A significant body of research has demonstrated that regular and increased consumption of essential omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of developing macular disease, providing us with an opportunity to help protect our eyes through proper nutrition and diet. 


Making the case for a seafood-based economy

The “Towards a Seaweed Based Economy” report made the case that poor nutrition is the major cause for the pandemics of obesity and several chronic diseases. It recommended increased use of food-production systems like integrated multi-trophic aquaculture. 


Con los productos de mar, la salud está definitivamente en el menú

Las encuestas muestran que los alimentos frescos y saludables, con ingredientes percibidos como naturales, son clave para las generaciones más jóvenes. Esto representa una oportunidad de aumentar el consumo de productos de mar entre los consumidores más jóvenes y mejor 


With seafood, health is definitely on the menu

Surveys show that fresh and healthful food, with ingredients perceived to be natural, is key for younger generations. This represents opportunity to grow seafood consumption among younger, better-informed consumers, but also a challenge to enhance sustainability. 


Doctors: Place a greater value on seafood consumption

Many important organizations around the world fail to acknowledge the importance of seafood to human health and well-being. There is a disconnect between what we know regarding the benefits of seafood and what is being done to acknowledge these benefits 


COFI 32 presents an opportunity to promote seafood

Writing from Rome at the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s COFI 32 conference, Advocate contributor Roy Palmer solicits input on how to promote the health benefits of seafood consumption worldwide.