News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Roy D. Palmer

Health & Welfare

Mexico shows the way to promote seafood

With major support from the government, a campaign has been launched to promote consumption of Mexico’s fishery and aquaculture products. The objective is to increase per capita seafood consumption to 12 kg by 2018. 


Fish oil, Paleo and a solution

The increasingly fashionable Paleo Diet promotes eating like a caveman, with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. However, it favors wild-caught seafood to farmed fish due to issues associated with feed sources and practices. 

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Use your ‘license to gill’

Fish is the world’s most traded protein – and a healthy choice that will help feed the world’s growing population into the future. Aquaculture represents the most efficient method by which to convert feed to edible protein, and its use 


Is the seafood story that complicated?

The United States Food and Drug Administration has updated its advice for pregnant women on mercury and seafood with greater emphasis on the benefits of eating fish. This is a positive story, but reporting on the new perspective muddied its 


Change the paradigm and break aquaculture stereotypes

Although there is compelling evidence that early humans relied heavily on the fruits of the ocean, the mindset of powers that be tends to focus on utilization of land for food. In Australia, for example, the country controls water resources 


New year wishes for health and seafood

To help increase seafood consumption and gain recognition for the many health benefits of seafood, the author identified three wishes for 2014. Change the risk profile of seafood to defuse the sensationalized status of mercury. Professionalize the capability of the 


Cooperation across seafood chain can counter mercury reports

Often-referenced but outdated reports have raised concerns over mercury, while in reality, not eating seafood carries greater risk than the minute presence of such chemicals. Cooperation and getting out consistently truthful, positive messages about seafood, the industry will see positive 


Increasing seafood consumption, from strategy to action

Despite global strategies and political declarations that strive to support healthy diets with increased seafood consumption and regular physical activity, the world is seeing a rapid upsurge in obesity and under-nutrition, particularly in urban settings. 


Governments and seafood consumption, part 2

Campaigns and promotions on seafood consumption are proving successful in countries around the world. Many of them involve governments working with industry and other institutions to clearly communicate the benefits of seafood.