News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Sam Ceulemans

Health & Welfare

Focus on gut health increases aquaculture productivity

Increased attention to nutrient digestibility and gut health are two important focus areas for technological development of manufactured feeds in the aquaculture industry. Both laboratory and field studies have demonstrated the potential benefits for aquaculture productivity and the economics of 

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Health & Welfare

Shrimp feed trials find pen size matters

By comparing the growth of shrimp fed different diets in big versus small net pens, trial results suggested that shrimp could compensate for lower diet quality by grazing on the algae growing on the surfaces of the net cages. 

Health & Welfare

A quality project for sea bream, sea bass

In trials, finishing diets improved the appearance of sea bass and sea bream with equivalent or higher performance than that achieved with standard grow-out diets. 

Health & Welfare

Finishing diet improves sea bream quality

A finely tuned fishing diet can improve growth and feed utilization of sea bream grown previously on diets with low levels of fishmeal and fish oil.