News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



A helping hand to lend: UK aquaculture seeks to broaden its horizons

Aquaculture is an essential contributor to the world food security challenge, and every stakeholder has a role to play in the sector’s evolution, delegates were told at the recent Aquaculture’s Global Outlook: Embracing Internationality seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

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Report calls for changes to Scottish salmon sector

Wide-ranging recommendations to the Scottish salmon sector include increased government oversight and mandatory reporting of disease outbreaks, fish mortalities and sea lice numbers. 


Aquaculture UK: Stepping up to the plate

There’s considerable opportunity to grow the UK aquaculture industry. At the Aquaculture UK exhibition and conference in Aviemore, Scotland shows the way.   

Health & Welfare

On the Job: Young fish veterinarian holds a hopeful outlook

Harry Hamlin-Wright is a fish vet. It’s a career choice that gets strange looks but offers him varied and interesting work. See the world of aquatic animal health and welfare through a fresh set of eyes in a new Advocate 

Health & Welfare

Fish producers benefit from humane slaughter techniques

EU legislation requires farmed fish be spared unnecessary pain, distress or suffering at slaughter, and efficient manual and automated systems have been developed to help achieve this goal. What’s more, longer shelf life and improved flesh quality have been reported.