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Scott Nichols

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On GM foods, part 4: Let’s examine our needs

Scott Nichols concludes his four-part series about GM foods with a simple question about transgenic animals: Are they truly meeting a need? We need more food and we need better nutrition. Both desires should be achieved without increasing environmental impacts. 

Innovation & Investment

On GM foods, part 3: Let’s decide where we’re going

To assess the role of genetic engineering in agriculture, we should first state what we want from our agricultural systems. Agriculture, and by extension the future of aquaculture, lacks a succinct direction. 


On GM foods, part 2: Let’s talk about what truly matters

With entrenched positions on GM foods, it is difficult to change the conversation, but change it we must. A perpetually contentious climate doesn’t serve us well and we must abandon the current paradigm to define a new framework that facilitates 

Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Scott Nichols, Food’s Future

Scott Nichols speaks to the Advocate about the launch of his own consultancy, Food’s Future, about groundbreaking innovations at Verlasso and about the role of aquaculture in a rapidly changing world — one in need of collaboration and new ideas.