News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Scott Snyder

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Realizing economic benefits from selective breeding

Although not universally practiced, the potential benefits of selective breeding in aquaculture outweigh all other options for improving animal performance. The genetic potential of aquaculture animals is plastic and can be improved over a relatively short timeframe. 

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On-farm studies help guide feed decisions

Determining the best feed to purchase is one of the most important challenges of running a profitable aquaculture business. Properly conducted on-farm trials provide valuable data that help direct objective feed decisions. 


Consider feed quality, not just cost

Since feed costs can contribute up to 60 percent of the expenses for an aquaculture business, it is common for farms to purchase lower-cost feeds. 

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A case for better shrimp nutrition

Shrimp farm performance can often be below realistic production standards. Use proven nutrition, feeds and feeding techniques to improve profitability. 

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PPI: New metric for measuring productivity, predicting profitability

A proposed new metric, the production productivity index, or PPI, reports daily production for shrimp postlarvae. The new metric converts production data into relative terms, allowing meaningful comparisons across farms and individual ponds regardless of production days, pond size or