News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

sea bass

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Innovation & Investment

El ojo en el cielo: Europa emplea satélites para avanzar la acuacultura

Copernicus, el Sistema de Observación de la Tierra de 4.300 millones de euros de la Agencia Espacial Europea, tiene beneficios potenciales para la pesca y la acuacultura. El proyecto SAFI se está acercando al sector acuícola en relación al aprovechamiento 

Innovation & Investment

Eye in the sky: Europe employs satellites to advance aquaculture

Copernicus – the European Space Agency’s €4.3 billion Earth Observation System – holds potential benefits for fisheries and aquaculture. The SAFI project is approaching the aquaculture sector about harnessing, and montetizing, this unique service from up above. 


Adding flavor complexity to farmed barramundi

Organoleptic attributes such as flavor and aroma are among the most important factors that influence consumer acceptability and demand for fish products. Consumers have identified farmed fish as less complex and lacking “sealike” or “sea-fresh” flavors and aromas. 

Health & Welfare

A quality project for sea bream, sea bass

In trials, finishing diets improved the appearance of sea bass and sea bream with equivalent or higher performance than that achieved with standard grow-out diets. 


Intensive fish farming in Italy

Intensive production equipment and management techniques allow the Nuova Azzurro Fish Farm in Italy to raise about 50 metric tons of sea bass per raceway per year.