News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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How we can help children reach for seafood

Seafood has many health benefits for the young and the not-so young alike. Educating the next generation of consumers – as children ­­– and their parents about healthier lifestyle decisions must be a priority for everyone in the seafood business. 

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Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture America 2017: Communication key to the future

This year’s Aquaculture America in San Antonio, Texas, provided significant learning and networking opportunities. It successfully brought together 14 U.S. aquaculture organizations and more than 1,600 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. 


¿Qué tomará para hacer a la tilapia grande de nuevo?

Una vez parte de la multitud de los productos de mar sostenibles preferidos por su dieta vegetariana y su potencial para alimentar a la creciente población del mundo, la tilapia con sus buenos modales ahora tiene un problema de imagen 


What will it take to make tilapia great again?

Once a darling of the sustainable seafood crowd for its vegetarian diet and potential to feed the world’s growing population, mild-mannered tilapia now has an image problem that may be causing a dip in consumption levels. 


COFI 32 presents an opportunity to promote seafood

Writing from Rome at the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s COFI 32 conference, Advocate contributor Roy Palmer solicits input on how to promote the health benefits of seafood consumption worldwide.   


Increasing seafood consumption, from strategy to action

Despite global strategies and political declarations that strive to support healthy diets with increased seafood consumption and regular physical activity, the world is seeing a rapid upsurge in obesity and under-nutrition, particularly in urban settings.