News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



India a unique opportunity for rainbow trout farming

India has a small trout farming industry in the Himalayan and Southern Peninsula areas. Even though current annual production is only a few hundred tons, the country has many areas that, although geographically difficult to work in, also offer excellent, 


Novel light bank reactor aids in microalgae culture

The control of temperature and light intensity in microalgae culture in outdoor tanks is difficult. Progress in algal biotechnology and the use of photo-bioreactors, metabolic engineering and other advances supported development of a novel underwater light bank reactor that allows 

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Bahamas venture focuses on grouper, other high-value marine fish

A new venture under development in the Bahamas will capitalize on Tropic Seafood’s established logistics and infrastructure to diversify its operations from processing and selling wild fisheries products to include the culture of grouper and other marine fish. 

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Managing tilapia health in complex culture systems

The effective control of tilapia health depends on integrated management that considers all factors, including species, the environment, pathogens present and farm management practices. 

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Penaeus vannamei seedstock production

The dramatic transformation of the shrimp sector in Asia was fueled by the switch from monodon shrimp to P. vannamei seedstock from Hawaii.