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Trace minerals in tilapia fillets, part 2

In part 2 of this study, a seven-week fish feeding trial was conducted to study the influence of organic versus inorganic dietary selenium on Nile tilapia. 

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Behold the nutritious oyster

Oysters provide important, natural filtration of water and are an important component of many healthy coastal ecosystems because their active filtering can help improve and maintain water quality. For many coastal communities, oysters are an important food resource and excellent 

Health & Welfare

The truth about selenium

Selenium in ocean fish is essential for human immune function and required for vital tissues like brain and hormone-producing organs. The trace element also can counter some of the impacts of methylmercury in fish. 


Salmon + selenium = 1 healthy serving

Selenium is crucial in key human metabolic pro­cesses that ensure normal growth and development and strong immune and antioxidant defense systems.