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shrimp feed


Twin screw technology for better extruded feeds

Extrusion processing can be a better alternative to produce high quality-low- polluting shrimp feeds. Extruded pellets with high water stability can be produced by controlling the Specific Mechanical Energy (SME) and without the inclusion of artificial binders. New extruders are 


Biofloc: novel sustainable ingredient for shrimp feed

Recent research is demonstrating that biofloc-based proteins are suitable replacements for fishmeal in aquaculture diets. Since bioflocs can be produced while treating aquaculture effluents, a waste product can be converted into a valuable resource. 


Enteromorpha tested as shrimp feed ingredient

With vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and higher protein content than other species, Enteromorpha is a superior seaweed choice and a potential shrimp feed ingredient. 


Phospholipids in shrimp feeds

Phospholipids are compounds that combine a water-soluble phosphate group at one end with fat soluble fatty acids at the other.