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shrimp feeds

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The proper management of commercial shrimp feeds, part 2

Effective aquafeed management methods are critical for efficient production of farmed shrimp, and to minimize environmental impact. In the second part of his series, Editor Emeritus Darryl Jory looks at shrimp feed management in terms of application, distribution, frequency, calculations 


Optimizing crucial cost centers for shrimp feed manufacturing

Assuring that aquafeed ingredients are processed properly into a high-quality product requires monitoring each manufacturing process through the proper in-line quality assurance, to produce a consistent quality continuously. 


Extruded shrimp feeds reemerge

The process for making extruded shrimp feeds has flexibility to produce diets with a wide range of fat levels, densities, shapes and sizes. 


New ingredients for shrimp feeds, Part 2

"New" ingredients like seaweed meals, particularly from various kelp species, provide trace minerals and vitamin A, and increase the palatability of shrimp feeds. 


New ingredients for shrimp feeds, Part 1

New ingredients and processes are figuring prominently in the production of more-nutritious and better-balanced “specialty" shrimp feeds.