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shrimp production


Production of Pacific white shrimp in sandy soils in Indonesia

Study demonstrated the viability of L. vannamei culture in sandy soils and lined ponds using relatively high shrimp densities, with the best results produced at a stocking density of 100 shrimp per square meter, which produced the best growth and survival 

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Testing shrimp growth in different biofloc systems

A study conducted with juvenile shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) reared in experimental biofloc systems used four treatments. Results indicate that differences in management and carbohydrate source can lead to substantial disparity in system function and production. 

Health & Welfare

Multi-phase shrimp production in sun-driven Honduran ponds

Honduras-based Grupo Granjas Marinas believes that large-scale production of rotifers and copepods and sequential pond inoculations, in combination with short shrimp growth cycles can significantly increase shrimp production while reducing dependency on other sources of protein in feeds.