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Composting of seafood processing sludge

Study evaluates if controlling maturation stage during seafood sludge composting through turning improves the process in comparison to static composting. 

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Settling basin design, operation

To design a settling basin, know the size distribution of particles, estimated rate of inflow and determination of the smallest particle size to be removed. 


Sludge management at pangasius farm cuts discharges

In modifying its infrastructure and related pond management, QVD Aquaculture uses floating water plants to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the discharge water. Sludge pens capture sludge at ponds for later reuse. 

Health & Welfare

Sludge: An obstacle to shrimp health

Excess nutrients from poor feeding regimes result in accumulated sludge on the bottoms of shrimp ponds, harming the environment and animal health.