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soybean meal

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Surprising results in rabbitfish diet evaluation

Soybean meal is not a viable option for partial or full fishmeal replacement in a diet for juvenile marbled rabbitfish. Results from a study in Beirut are somewhat surprising, as the herbivorous species is theoretically capable of performing well without 


The digestibility of hydrolyzed soy protein

Studies demonstrate that hydrolyzed soy protein can be well digested and utilized by Pacific white shrimp, and that digestibility is improved through a bioprocess with the bacterium Lactobacillus spp. 


Soy trials replace fishmeal in grouper feeds

Although groupers present desirable traits as an aquaculture species, the high cost of feed for the carnivorous fish limits expansion of grouper culture. The author performed two trials to evaluate the performance of tiger grouper juveniles fed soybean meal-based feeds.