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Health & Welfare

Shrimp hatchery production: myth vs. reality

The quality of postlarvae supplied by a shrimp hatchery can vary considerably. Common myths, such as acceptance of low survival and insufficient concern for water quality, can contribute to lower animal quality. 

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Health & Welfare

Potassium diformate does not affect shrimp growth, survival

An eight-week growth trial evaluated the effects of potassium diformate on the growth performance and digestibility of Pacific white shrimp. Weight gain was not significantly affected by different levels of PDF in diets, and survival was high for all treatments. 


Periphyton domestication offers feed in shrimp culture

Fixed microbial communities grown as periphyton on immersed substrates present advantages in terms of pond productivity and carbon and nutrient absorption from water. Periphyton can reduce feed inputs as well as increase growth and survival rates in shrimp.