News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Fishmeal-free Atlantic salmon feed formulation shows promise

A recent study evaluated the effects of a fishmeal-free diet on Atlantic salmon performance and fillet quality during successful growout to market-size in a commercial-scale, land-based, closed-containment system using water recirculation technology. Test fish performed well, with 97 percent survival 


Soybeans: Truly sustainable feed ingredient? Part 2

Although today’s soybeans offer many benefits, farmers can also plant alternatives, sometimes on the same farms that raise genetically modified beans. Organic beans meet specific market demands, and a conventionally bred non-GMO bean has been developed for use in aquafeeds 

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Health & Welfare

The search for sustainable grouper farming

In targeting grouper for new and sustainable farming technology, the authors developed an oral vaccine to control nervous necrosis virus (NNV) infection at the larval stage and multivalent injective bacterial and viral vaccines for the grow-out stage. 

Health & Welfare

Eel production in Europe

After rapid expansion of glass eel culture in the mid-1990s was followed by overproduction, pricing problems, glass eel shortages and NGO pressures, European Union countries adopted national management plans for the eels. Importation of consumption eels was stopped, and exportation 


Biofloc: novel sustainable ingredient for shrimp feed

Recent research is demonstrating that biofloc-based proteins are suitable replacements for fishmeal in aquaculture diets. Since bioflocs can be produced while treating aquaculture effluents, a waste product can be converted into a valuable resource. 


Emerging issues for sustainable feed

A survey found that many large retailers see the sustainable feed issue as a major challenge. Sustainable Fisheries Partnership recommends greater visibility for the entire supply chain and more industrywide policies.