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Innovation & Investment

Tratamiento electroquímico del agua de RAS

Estudio evalúa la oxidación electroquímica como un medio para mejorar la calidad del agua en los sistemas RAS y muestra que es posible eliminar el nitrógeno amoniacal total. 

Innovation & Investment

Electrochemical treatment of RAS water

Study evaluates electrochemical oxidation as a means to improve water quality in RAS systems and shows it’s possible to remove total ammonia nitrogen. 

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TAN, other water quality factors affect nitrification rates in biofilters

An important criterion when studying biofilters is the conversion rate of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) to nitrate-nitrogen in production water. Although nitrification rates have been based on media surface areas, they do not always reflect the actual nitrification achieved. Volumetric 

Health & Welfare

Tilapia production using biofloc technology

Biofloc systems enable more intensive tilapia production. The fish adapt to the conditions within biofloc systems and grow well by utilizing the bioflocs as a feed source.