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Terry Hanson

Health & Welfare

Demostración comercial de raceways en estanque

Los resultados de un proyecto de demostración de la tecnología del Sistema de Raceways en Estanques (IPRS) en siete raceways de tilapia en una granja comercial en México mostraron el potencial para aumentar la producción de pescado con este sistema 

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Health & Welfare

Commercial demonstration of in-pond raceways

Results of a demonstration project of the In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) technology in seven tilapia raceways at a commercial farm in Mexico showed the potential for increasing fish production with this environmentally sustainable culture system. 

Health & Welfare

High-soy, fishmeal-free diets support Florida pompano growth

The authors have achieved good growth using a fishmeal-free diet for the carnivorous marine fish Florida pompano. In studies, they used pompano as a model marine species in a cost/benefit analysis of two extruded diets. 


Dissolved oxygen concentrations in pond aquaculture

Various studies suggest that maintaining minimum daily dissolved oxygen concentrations above 3 mg/L in channel catfish and penaeid shrimp ponds assures better feed consumption and growth. 

Health & Welfare

Modular advantages for catfish production

Modular production of channel catfish offers better inventory control, takes advantage of early-age growth rates and reduces harvest-size variation.