News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Aquaculture gives endangered totoaba a fighting chance

The tenuous fate of a pint-sized porpoise, the critically endangered vaquita, is linked to a fish targeted by poachers fueling China’s appetite for maws. The vaquita remains in peril, but aquaculture presents some hope for the totoaba. 

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A motive, and a market, for farmed fish in Mexico

Boasting ample areas for aquaculture and a robust domestic demand for seafood – not to mention its close proximity to the U.S. market – a land of opportunity lies in Mexico. Fish farming is primed to meet its potential south 


Un motive, y un mercado, para los peces cultivados en México

Con amplias áreas para la acuacultura y una sólida demanda interna de pescados y mariscos – sin mencionar su cercanía con el mercado de los Estados Unidos – una tierra de oportunidad se encuentra en México. La piscicultura está preparada 


Endangered totoaba has aquaculture potential in Mexico

Totoaba, a large, fast-growing fish of the Gulf of California, became endangered due to overfishing. The Mexican government therefore created an aquaculture program in Baja California to support restocking for the recovery of wild totoaba stocks.