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GOAL 2017: Global shrimp production review and forecast

The GOAL 2017 production survey for global shrimp farming production showed a minor recovery for 2016, with production expected to strengthen through 2019, when global farmed production should reach 4.82 million metric tons (MMT), barring major shrimp disease issues. 


Agregando valor a la tilapia para entrar al mercado de EE.UU.

Se pueden crear nuevos mercados para la tilapia y también la expansión de los ya existentes mediante la planificación e implementación de estrategias geográficas adecuadamente diseñadas para satisfacer las preferencias de los consumidores discriminantes. Los costos laborales bajos en la 

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Adding value to tilapia to tap into U.S. market

New markets for tilapia and expansion of existing ones can be created by planning and implementing properly designed geographic strategies to meet discriminating consumer preferences. Low labor costs in most producing countries promotes value-adding by the production of fresh fillets. 


Revisión GOAL de Producción de Camarones en 2016

La encuesta de producción GOAL 2016 para la industria mundial de camarón cultivado mostró una fuerte recuperación en 2014 (creció el 10 por ciento a 4,18 millones de toneladas métricas), seguido de un descenso de la producción en 2015 (5,4 


Global shrimp survey: GOAL 2016

The GOAL 2016 global shrimp production survey showed a strong rebound in 2014 (up 10 percent to 4.18 MMT), followed by a decline in 2015 (down 5.4 percent) and another recovery forecast for the next three years. Global production is expected to 


Value-added shrimp products

Because some value-added shrimp products are not affected by U.S. antidumping tariffs, various imports in this classification have greatly increased.