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white shrimp

Health & Welfare

PCR methods characterize AHPND V.p isolates

In analyzing the plasmid sequence from the whole genome sequences of AHPND V. parahaemolyticus (V.p) isolates, researchers identified a clear geographical variation within the plasmid, and developed PCR methods to characterize AHPND V.p isolates as either Mexico-type or Southeast Asia-type. 

Health & Welfare

Shrimp biofloc production trials in Saudi Arabia

An R&D trial was conducted with shrimp biofloc technology at a commercial facility in Saudi Arabia. Results indicated that biofloc technology can be effectively applied, with some protocol adjustments, in the KSA’s extreme desert environmental conditions. 

Health & Welfare

Feed management improves profits in intensive white shrimp farming

To ensure optimal water quality and clean pond bottoms at shrimp farms, choosing consistently good-quality feed and close monitoring of feed trays supported by a proven feeding guide are recommended practices to control the amount of feed applied to ponds. 


White shrimp study compares commercial feed attractants

A recent study in Brazil tested the efficacy of nine commercial feed attractants for Litopenaeus vannamei. Condensed fish-soluble protein, an amino acid complex with digested bivalve mollusk, and whole squid protein hydrolysate stimulated the highest feeding responses.