News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Innovation & Investment

GOAL 2017 recap: The aquaculture opportunity has hurdles to clear

The great aquaculture opportunity – assuming responsibility as a reliable and predictable source of nutrition for a growing global population – would be better accomplished with a greater sense of confidence, according to keynote speaker Pearse Lyons. 

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Innovation & Investment

Aquaculture Exchange: Monica Jain, Fish 2.0

The third installment of Fish 2.0, taking place this November, will feature numerous aquaculture-related businesses at various stages of development. The competition’s founder dishes on what the judges will be seeing on stage. 

Innovation & Investment

Investing in Africa’s aquaculture future, part 2

Africa offers innumerable opportunities and a raft of challenges for developing a modernized aquaculture industry. Investors are interested, and pursuing with cautious optimism. 

Innovation & Investment

Investing in Africa’s aquaculture future, part 1

What is the future that Africa wants? Views on how to grow aquaculture on the continent vary widely, but no one disputes the notion that food security, food safety, income generation and job creation all stand to benefit. 


¿Reconoce la acuacultura en alta mar cuando la ve?

Los investigadores han determinado que era necesaria una definición de la "acuacultura mar afuera" para evaluar críticamente los impactos y beneficios de mover las operaciones de piscicultura "ligeramente más lejos y ligeramente más profundo" hacia el mar afuera. 


Aquaculture gives endangered totoaba a fighting chance

The tenuous fate of a pint-sized porpoise, the critically endangered vaquita, is linked to a fish targeted by poachers fueling China’s appetite for maws. The vaquita remains in peril, but aquaculture presents some hope for the totoaba.