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Articles posted during the month of September 2018

  • Education

    Quick and Healthy Seafood Recipes with Barton Seaver

    Are you in need of some inspiration for your seafood dishes? Look no further! GAA made the trip up to American seafood chef and author Barton Seaver‘s house earlier this summer and learned how to cook three quick, sustainable and delicious seafood meals. Barton has simplified creating healthy and responsible seafood recipes for you and […]

  • Advocacy

    Where will aquaculture be in 10 years?

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest blog post by one of GAA’s 30 Under 30 members, Lisa Vollbrecht. Lisa has a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph. At Kampachi Farms in Hawaii, she supervises all research projects and provides direction and leadership to the research team. This is the […]

  • Leadership

    GAA and National Seafood Month: What is your aquaculture question?

    The Global Aquaculture Alliance is teaming up with experts in the aquaculture world for a National Seafood Month campaign, and we need your help. More specifically, we need your aquaculture question. Earlier this summer we asked people in Portsmouth, N.H., What is aquaculture? The results inspired us to think about the questions that are out there […]

  • Advocacy

    Modern Aquaculture Deserves a Better Public Image

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest blog post by one of GAA’s 30 Under 30 members, Noah Hamlish. Noah has extensive experience on farms, in research labs, and and at processing facilities. He is a strong advocate for aquaculture and credits his 12-month Watson Fellowship as being transformative to his understanding of the value […]

  • Advocacy

    Working Together to Close the Seafood Deal

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest blog post by chef, author and seafood advocate Barton Seaver. GAA and Seaver announced a partnership in early 2018 to raise public awareness of responsible aquaculture and the importance of sourcing seafood with provenance. My posts on this site have focused on how responsible fish farms benefit the communities in […]