Articles posted during the month of May 2020

  • Education

    Aquaculture is Inspiring Economic Growth and Alleviating Global Poverty

    Editor’s note: Aquaculture 101 is a campaign run by the Global Aquaculture Alliance to educate the public about the basics of aquaculture, to disseminate information in an easily understandable way. The campaign dispels myths and gives facts about the promising future of the industry. In 2020, the focus of Aquaculture 101 is on the alignment of aquaculture […]

  • General

    GAA-Commissioned Study Evaluates Best Practices in Animal Welfare in Salmon

    The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) on May 26 published the results of a study designed to identify and strengthen best practices for animal welfare in aquaculture. The completion of the study signifies a milestone in a multi-phase project that began in December 2017 when GAA was awarded a $435,000 grant from the Open Philanthropy Project. […]

  • General

    GAA’s Hart to Speak at CAPPMA’s Zhejiang Online Seafood Trade Fair

    Global Aquaculture Alliance VP Steve Hart is among the speakers giving opening remarks at the Zhejiang Online Seafood Trade Fair on May 25. Organized by the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA), this year’s event, which runs from May 25 to 29, is virtual. Hart’s pre-recorded speech will focus on the impact of […]

  • General

    GAA Launches Connect, New Online Aquaculture Community

    In a time when digital connection is as important as ever, the Global Aquaculture Alliance is excited to announce the launch of Connect! Connect is an online community forum for aquaculture professionals to network, ask questions and learn. It’s the LinkedIn equivalent of the seafood and aquaculture space. The platform is open for anyone to join, […]

  • GOAL

    GOAL 2020 Goes Virtual With Unifying Global Conference Platform

    The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) announced on May 12 that its annual Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference will be a virtual event this year, and the live event scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan, in October 2020 has been postponed to October 2021. Since its inception in 2001, GOAL has built a […]

  • Membership

    Maine Aquaculture Association takes the helm of the state’s burgeoning industry

    Maine has long been famous for its working waterfront and well-managed lobster fishery. Today, however, climate change, federal regulations, and development pressures contribute to an uncertain future for Maine’s marine economy.  We recently sat down with Afton Hupper, a member of a commercial fishing family from Maine, to discuss Maine’s seafood industry on the Aquademia […]