Articles posted during the month of August 2020

  • Education

    The Basics of Farmed Seafood: A Roundup

    Editor’s note: Aquaculture 101 is a campaign run by the Global Aquaculture Alliance to educate the public about the basics of aquaculture, to disseminate information in an easily understandable way. The campaign dispels myths and gives facts about the promising future of the industry. Check out the hashtag #Aquaculture101 on social media for more information. There’s a lot […]

  • Membership

    Today’s Farmed Fish: Aquaculture Re-examined for the Conscious Consumer

    There’s no question whether the seafood industry landscape has progressed in recent decades – but how much exactly has changed? What new advancements have arisen, and how have they impacted farmed seafood as we know it? Today’s Farmed Fish (TFF) is a newly launched thought campaign providing support to consumers in making well-informed comparisons and […]