GAA Takes on Technology in Session 1 of GOAL Virtual Events

The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s GOAL: The Responsible Seafood Conference will begin online on April 15, featuring a roster of entrepreneurs invested in the future of aquaculture. Session 1, “Tomorrow’s Aquaculture Will Be Shaped by Today’s Emerging Technologies,” will feature an interview with Tony Fadell.

Fadell is an active investor and entrepreneur whose 30-year-plus career includes a decade with Apple Computers, during which he headed the team that created the first 18 generations of the iPod and the first three generations of the iPhone. His current venture, Future Shape, is a global investment and advisory firm coaching engineers, scientists and startups working on foundational deep technology.

Fadell, who also founded Nest, the company that pioneered the “Internet of Things,” will talk with Global Aquaculture Advocate Editor James Wright about bringing technology from the lab to our lives. Over the course of his career, Fadell has authored more than 300 patents.

Joining Wright will be three guest hosts to talk about aquaculture innovation and investment, including Amy Novogratz, co-founder and managing partner of Netherlands-based investment firm Aqua-Spark and Carsten Krome, co-founder and partner of Hatch Blue.

Session 1 will also showcase eight businesses running on what could be foundational deep technology for aquaculture for years to come. Demonstrating the potential of tech-driven solutions will be XpertSea (Canada); Genetirate (USA); Fish Farm Solutions (Poland); Proteon Pharmaceuticals (Poland); Manolin (Norway); Wittaya Aqua (Canada); AquaConnect (India); and Ace Aquatec (Scotland).

GOAL: The Responsible Seafood Conference will continue throughout 2021, with a series of virtual events, culminating with an in-person event in Seattle, USA, later this year. Become a GAA individual or corporate member to attend the GOAL virtual events series.

James Wright, Editor, Global Aquaculture Alliance (moderator)
Amy Novogratz, Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark (guest host)
Carsten Krome, Managing Partner, Hatch Blue (guest host)
Ben Renquist, Founder, Genetirate
Nathan Pyne-Carter, CEO, Ace Aquatec
Raj Somasundaram, CEO, Aquaconnect
Matthew Tebeau, COO, Proteon Pharmaceuticals
Chelsea Andrews, General Manager, APAC XpertSea
Tony Chen, CEO, Manolin
Katarzyna Pala, COO, Fish Farm Solutions
Evan Hall, CEO, Co-Founder, Wittaya Aqua

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