Breakfast | Spectra Restaurant, 1st Floor7:00 am to 8:00 am

Student Chef Cooking Competition

Student Chef Cooking Competition | Chess Garden9:00 am to 2:30 pm

In 2017, GAA established the student chef cooking competition to provide student chefs with a life-changing experience while partnering with local culinary institutions to raise awareness of responsible aquaculture. Last year’s competition at Escuela Culinary de las Americas in Guayaquil, Ecuador, drew more than 60 applicants, and the winner, Fernando Correa, received a five-day training session at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, and met world renowned chef Raymond Blanc. This year’s competition will feature some of the best young chefs that India has to offer! Sponsored by Charoen Pokphand Foods.

Plenary | Grand Ballroom B & C

Opening Address8:00 am to 8:30 am

GAA’s Andrew Mallison will set the tone for GOAL 2019 by addressing the conference theme: “Connect. Collaborate. Commit.”

  • Speaker:  Andrew Mallison Global Aquaculture Alliance
Welcoming Address8:30 am to 8:45 am

On behalf of the host country, MPEDA Chairman K. S. Srinivas will welcome GOAL’s international audience to India, a global leader in seafood production and the world’s No. 1 shrimp exporter.

  • Speaker:  K.S. Srinivas Marine Products Export Development Authority
Keynote Address: What Constitutes a Healthy Diet from a Sustainable Food System?8:45 am to 9:05 am

Fabrice DeClerck — co-author of the influential EAT-Lancet Commission report “Food. Planet. Health.” — will answer the question, “Can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries?” In his keynote address, DeClerck will address aquaculture’s role in “sustainably intensifying” food production (producing more with less) while balancing the health of humans and the planet. He will also address aquaculture’s contribution to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Speaker:  Fabrice DeClerck EAT-Lancet Commission
Aquaculture Production Forecast and the Seafood Trade Landscape9:05 am to 10:10 am

For the 13th consecutive year, GOAL stalwarts Jim Anderson of the University of Florida and Ragnar Tveteras of the University of Stavanger will present and analyze original data on global farmed shrimp production and global farmed finfish production, respectively. The data is based on GAA’s exclusive aquaculture production survey, administered annually by GAA’s Darryl Jory, with contributions from Ragnar Nystoyl of Kontali Analyse. Following Anderson and Tveteras, Gorjan Nikolik of Rabobank will address the factors potentially reshaping global seafood trade in the years ahead, including production growth, market development and international trade politics.

  • Speaker:  James Anderson University of Florida
  • Speaker:  Ragnar Tveteras University of Stavanger
  • Speaker:  Gorjan Nikolik Rabobank
  • Moderator:  George Chamberlain Global Aquaculture Alliance
Coffee & Tea Break | Grand Ballroom Foyer10:10 am to 10:40 am
Exciting Innovations in Shrimp Farming, Disease Management and Marketing10:40 am to 12:00 pm

Moderated by GAA’s George Chamberlain, this session will feature Loc Tran, who will explain advances in management of early mortality syndrome (EMS), Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP), white feces and shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV). Ahmed Al Balla will describe the adoption of new technologies that are driving efficiencies in Saudi Arabia, followed by Sreeram Raavi, who will discuss a suite of new technologies improving the efficiency of feeding and pond management. Rounding out the panel are Robins McIntosh, who will share remarkable advances in sustainable intensification, and Travis Larkin, who will talk about progress toward development of the Shrimp Marketing Initiative, launched at GOAL 2018 to increase shrimp consumption in the U.S. market.

  • Speaker:  Loc Tran ShrimpVet Laboratory
  • Speaker:  Ahmed Rasheed Alballaa National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA)
  • Speaker:  Sreeram Raavi Eruvaka
  • Speaker:  Robins McIntosh CP Foods
  • Speaker:  Travis Larkin The Seafood Exchange
  • Moderator:  George Chamberlain Global Aquaculture Alliance
“Salmonizing” Shrimp: How Innovations in Salmon Farming, Processing and Marketing Is a Model for Success12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Perhaps the most sophisticated of the farmed seafood sectors, salmon is well positioned for sustainable growth with a consistent balance between supply, demand and price. Though its roots are in salmon aquaculture, Canada’s Cooke Aquaculture recently acquired shrimp farming and processing operations in Central America. Is this the beginning of the modernization, or “salmonization,” of farmed shrimp? Cooke Aquaculture co-founder and CEO Glenn Cooke will discuss in a pre-recorded video. What does the future look like? A Norwegian presenter will address transformative salmon farming technologies and innovations, including post-smolt recirculating systems and open-ocean culture and processing technologies.

  • Speaker:  Glenn Cooke Cooke Aquaculture
  • Speaker:  TBD
  • Moderator:  George Chamberlain Global Aquaculture Alliance
Marketplace Roundtable: Asia12:30 pm to 1:00 pm

The world’s leading retail and foodservice companies are always well represented at GOAL. Each year, GAA hand picks some of the more influential buyers and suppliers to address the major challenges and opportunities facing aquaculture. Moderated by Steve Hart of GAA’s Best Aquaculture Practices certification program, this is the first of three question-and-answer marketplace roundtable, focusing on the challenges and opportunities specific to Asia.

  • Speaker:  Frank Huang Hema Fresh/Alibaba
  • Speaker:  Janice Lao Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels
  • Speaker:  Joe Qiao Qingdao Meichu Foods
  • Speaker:  Tommy Sekiguchi Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
  • Moderator:  Steve Hart Global Aquaculture Alliance


Lunch | Royal Ballroom1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Sponsored by Falcon Marine Exports Ltd.


Breakouts3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Breakouts TBD.

Marketplace Leaders Dinner & Reception

Marketplace Leaders Dinner & Reception | Taj Connemara6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Invitation only. Transportation to and from the Taj Connemara provided. Sponsored by Sandhya Aqua Exports Pvt. Ltd.