The Intersection of Wild Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Intersection of Wild Fisheries and Aquaculture12:00 am to 12:00 am

Seafood is at a crossroads. It is the perfect protein in a perfect world — its superior nutritional and sustainability profile has been highlighted in the growing field of food systems research. Seafood is also becoming more consumer-friendly — innovation around pre-cooked meals and ease of preparation and changing consumer preferences are removing traditional barriers to customers. While research and trends point to a bright future for seafood, real-world challenges, including forced labor and illegal fishing, make it difficult for seafood to truly differentiate itself in the broader protein market. Seafood has the most to gain from improved sustainable management in its industry and the most to lose from failing to act. Despite the big challenges in front of seafood, the future is in fact bright. The industry is exerting an unprecedented amount of leadership to address sustainability through collaborative and coordinated efforts that benefit the entire seafood industry and make seafood more competitive in the global protein market. Time to be determined. Open to GAA members only.

Session chair: Ned Daly, Sustainability Strategist, Diversified Communications

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology12:00 am to 12:00 am

Who’s at the leading edge of aquaculture innovation and technology? Authorities in key aquaculture fields — including animal health management, genetics and breeding, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions, processing and automation, and new grow-out technologies (including recirculating aquaculture systems and offshore aquaculture systems) — will provide a sector-by-sector synopsis of the latest and greatest in innovation and technology. The finalists of the eight annual Global Aquaculture Innovation Award will also present. Time to be determined. Open to GAA members only.

Session chair: James Wright, Editorial Manager, Global Aquaculture Alliance