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Supporting responsible water farming is the answer to a future full of fish. #ofFISHalmember

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Since becoming a member I've been able to utilize their educational tools to further my knowledge of what it really means to support sustainable water farmers while also joining the fight in helping change the "wild-only" narrative.

Mascha Davis, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Author
Mascha Davis

Knowledge is currency. As a GAA member I’ve been able to join forces with other thought leaders to help shift the false narrative around aquaculture while equipping consumers with the knowledge needed to confidently purchase ocean-friendly fish & seafood.

Ned Bell, Chef, TV Personality, Author, Athlete
Ned Bell

By becoming a member of GAA, I've been able to connect with eco-conscious chefs and industry leaders to develop strategies aimed at helping educate communities about sustainable aquaculture and the role they collectively play in seeing that it is done right!

Jennifer Bushman, Chef, Author, Consultant, Sustainable Aquaculture Advocate
Jennifer Bushman

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New materials added monthly! Check out these marketing assets and educational tools to help guide you, your staff, and your customers in communicating about responsible seafood.


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BAP Members

Our BAP-certified farms, processing plants, hatcheries, feed mills and repacking plants are also official members of GAA. The BAP program recognizes product from associated or integrated facilities along the aquaculture production chain with a star-based ranking system. To learn about these members, use your GAA login credentials here:

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62% of food fish will come from aquaculture by 2030

The Global Aquaculture Alliance needs your help in ensuring the safety and sustainability of farmed seafood

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