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Our Members

This list is to recognize our Founding, Premier Partner, Business, Individual, and Supporter Members. Use the search box to search by any criteria, including: member name, website, or member type.

Member Website Member Type
Agribrands International Inc. Founding Member
Agromarina de Panama, S.A. Founding Member
Aqualma -- Unima Group Founding Member
Aquatec/Camanor Founding Member
Asociación Nacional de Acuicultores de Colombia (ACUANAL) Founding Member
Asociación Nacional de Acuicultores de Honduras (ANDAH) Founding Member
Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Camarão (ABCC) Founding Member
Bangladesh Chapter, Global Aquaculture Alliance Founding Member
Belize Aquaculture, Ltd. Founding Member
Bluepoints Co., Inc. Founding Member
Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura Founding Member
Camaronera de Cocle, S.A. (CAMACO) Founding Member
Cargill Animal Nutrition Founding Member
Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL Founding Member
Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods Founding Member
Continental Grain Co. Founding Member
Darden Restaurants Founding Member
Deli Group, Ecuador Founding Member
Deli Group, Honduras Founding Member
Delta Blue Aquaculture LLC Founding Member
Diamante del Mar S.A. Founding Member
Eastern Fish Co. Founding Member
El Rosario, S.A. Founding Member
Empacadora Nacional, C.A. Founding Member
Expack Seafood, Inc. Founding Member
Expalsa, Exportadora de Alimentos S.A. Founding Member
FCE Agricultural Research and Management, Inc. Founding Member
High Liner Foods Founding Member
India Chapter, Global Aquaculture Alliance Founding Member
Indian Ocean Aquaculture Group Founding Member
INVE Aquaculture, N.V. Founding Member
King & Prince Seafood Corp. Founding Member
Long John Silver's, Inc. Founding Member
Lyons Seafoods Ltd. Founding Member
Maritech S.A. de C.V. Founding Member
Meridian Aquatic Technology Systems, LLC Founding Member
Monsanto Founding Member
Morrison International, S.A. Founding Member
National Aquaculture Group Founding Member
National Fish & Seafood Inc. (Lu-Mar Lobster & Shrimp Co.) Founding Member
National Food Institute Founding Member
Ocean Garden Products, Inc. Founding Member
OSO Madagascar Founding Member
Pescanova USA Founding Member
Preferred Freezer Services Founding Member
Productora Semillal, S.A. Founding Member
Red Chamber Co. Founding Member
Red Lobster Seafood Co. Founding Member
Rich-SeaPak Corp. Founding Member
Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua, S.A. Founding Member
Sanders Brine Shrimp Co., L.C. Founding Member
Sea Farms Group Founding Member
Seprofin Mexico Founding Member
Shrimp News International Founding Member
Sociedad Nacional de Galíçpagos (SONGA) Founding Member
Standard Seafood de Venezuela C.A. Founding Member
Super Shrimp Group Founding Member
Tampa Maid Foods, Inc. Founding Member
U.S. Foods Founding Member
Vitapro-Nicovita-Salmofood, Founding Member
Zeigler Brothers, Inc. Founding Member
Aqua Bounty Technologies Governing Member
Beaver Street Fisheries Governing Member
Blue Archipelago Berhad Governing Member
Capitol Risk Concepts Governing Member
Cargill Animal Nutrition Governing Member
Chang International, Inc. Governing Member
Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL Governing Member
Darden Restaurants Governing Member
Dataj Aquafarm Inc. Governing Member
Delta Blue Aquaculture Governing Member
Diversified Business Communications Governing Member
Eastern Fish Co. Governing Member
Ever Nexus Sdn. Bhd. Governing Member
Foshan QuanXing Aquatic Products Feed Co., Ltd. Governing Member
Grobest USA, Inc. Governing Member
High Liner Foods Governing Member
H.J. Baker Brothers, Inc. Governing Member
iAqua Governing Member
International Associates Corp. Governing Member
INVE B.V. Governing Member
King & Prince Seafood Corp. Governing Member
Lyons Seafoods Ltd. Governing Member
Maloney Seafood Corp. Governing Member
Marine Technologies LLC Governing Member
Mazzetta Co., LLC Governing Member
MegaSupply Governing Member
Morey's Seafood International Governing Member
National Fish & Seafood Inc. Governing Member
Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Governing Member
Pescanova USA Governing Member
Preferred Freezer Services Governing Member
Red Chamber Co. Governing Member
Red Lobster Seafood Co. Governing Member
Rich Products Corp. Governing Member
Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua, S.A. Governing Member
Sea Port Products Corp. Governing Member
Seafood Exchange of Florida Governing Member
SeaJoy Governing Member
Seavina Joint Stock Co. Governing Member
Sunnyvale Seafood Co., Inc. Governing Member
Thai Union Group Governing Member
Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc. Governing Member
Urner Barry Governing Member
Vitapro-Nicovita-Salmofood, Governing Member
Wuhan Lanesync Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Governing Member
Zeigler Brothers, Inc. Governing Member
AquaFarms Corp. Individual Business Member
Fanny Giudicelli Individual Business Member
Encore Associates Individual Business Member
Iglo Foods Group Ltd. Individual Business Member
Just Lobsters Individual Business Member
Laitram Machinery Individual Business Member
Sridevi LLC Individual Business Member
Uhrenholt Seafood A/S Individual Business Member
All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce Association Member
American Feed Industry Association Association Member
Asociación Latino Americana de Plantas de Rendimiento Association Member
Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Camarão Association Member
Australian Prawn Farmers Association Association Member
Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation Association Member
China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance Association Member
Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, Inc. Association Member
IFFO -- The Marine Ingredients Organisation Association Member
Indiana Soybean Alliance Association Member
Indonesian Aquaculture Society Association Member
Malaysian Shrimp Industry Association Association Member
Marine Products Export Development Authority Association Member
National Fisheries Institute Association Member
National Renderers Association Association Member
Oceanic Institute Association Member
Prince Edward Island Seafood Processors Association Association Member
SalmonChile Association Member
Salmon of the Americas Association Member
Seafood Importers and Processors Alliance Association Member
Soy Aquaculture Alliance Association Member
Thai Frozen Foods Association Association Member
Universidad Austral de Chile Association Member
U.S. Soybean Export Council Association Member
Washington Fish Growers Association Association Member
Washington State China Relations Council Association Member
World Aquaculture Society Association Member
World Renderers Organization Association Member
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer Feld LLP Sustaining Member
Alltech Sustaining Member
Amanda Seafood Sustaining Member
Ammon International, Inc. Sustaining Member
Anova Seafood Sustaining Member
Apex Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd. Sustaining Member
Aqua Star Sustaining Member
Aquatec Aquacultura Ltda. Sustaining Member
AZ Gems Inc. Sustaining Member
BioMar Group A/S Sustaining Member
Blue Ridge Aquaculture Sustaining Member
BMR Seafood LLC Sustaining Member
Camanchaca Inc. Sustaining Member
Channel Fish Processing Co., Inc. Sustaining Member
Direct Source Seafood Sustaining Member
DNI Group, LLC Sustaining Member
DSM Nutritional Products Sustaining Member
Fega Marikultura PT Sustaining Member
Fortune Fish Co. Sustaining Member
Gorton's Seafood Sustaining Member
Great American Seafood Imports Co. Sustaining Member
HN Foods International, Inc./Expack Sustaining Member
H & T Seafood, Inc. Sustaining Member
Hai Yang International, LLC Sustaining Member
Harbor Seafood, Inc. Sustaining Member
Harvest Select Sustaining Member
International Marketing Specialists Sustaining Member
Ipswich Shellfish Co., Inc. Sustaining Member
Long John Silver's, LLC Sustaining Member
Mahalo Seafood LLC Sustaining Member
Marine Management Insurance Brokers Sustaining Member
Maritime Products International Sustaining Member
Merck Animal Health Sustaining Member
Mirasco, Inc. Sustaining Member
Northcoast Seafoods Ltd. Sustaining Member
Odyssey Enterprises, Inc. Sustaining Member
Orca Bay Seafoods Sustaining Member
Ore-Cal Corp. Sustaining Member
Pacific Supreme Co. Sustaining Member
Quirch Foods Sustaining Member
Rubicon Resources Sustaining Member
Seacore Seafood, Inc. Sustaining Member
Seafood Industry Development Co. Sustaining Member
Seattle Fish Company of New Mexico Sustaining Member
Seattle Shrimp Seafood Co., Inc. Sustaining Member
Skretting Sustaining Member
Slade Gorton Co., Inc. Sustaining Member
Solae LLC Sustaining Member
Star Agro Marine Exports Ltd. Sustaining Member
Tampa Bay Fisheries, Inc. Sustaining Member
Tampa Maid Foods Sustaining Member
The Fishin' Co. Sustaining Member
The Great Fish Co. Sustaining Member
Trident Seafoods Corp. Sustaining Member
United Seafood Enterprises, LP Sustaining Member
Jonathan Wilson Individual Business Member
SGS Sustaining Member
Lisa Swanson Individual Business Member
Don Sneddon Individual Business Member
Blue Sea Products, LLC Sustaining Member
James Greenberg Individual Business Member
Kelly Hill Individual Business Member
Leon Claessens Individual Business Member
Thayaparan Sinnadurai Individual Business Member
Patrick Achi Individual Business Member
Saa Fillie Individual Business Member
Hervé LUCIEN-BRUN Individual Business Member
Donna Lanzetta Individual Business Member
Valérie Robitaille Individual Business Member
Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste S.C. Individual Business Member
Cole-Munro Foods Group Inc. Individual Business Member
Cooke Aquaculture Inc Sustaining Member
DuPont Nutrition & Health Sustaining Member
Green Cow Gardens LLC Individual Business Member
Hudson Valley Fish Farms Association Member
Integrated Aquaculture International Governing Member
Kenneth Robinson Individual Business Member
Kikkoman Foods, Inc. Individual Business Member
Lucas Richardson Individual Business Member
Manna Fish Farms, Inc. Individual Business Member
N R Aqua Feeds Individual Business Member
Artha Lautan Individual Business Member
Responsible Seafood Solutions, LLC Individual Business Member
Roullier Group Individual Business Member
Rovithai Limited Sustaining Member
Wangoh Dynamics Fish Farming Project Individual Business Member
XYREX LTD Individual Business Member
AQUACULTURE & QUALITE Individual Business Member
Aquaculture Farming Technology Individual Business Member
Arthur J Gallagher & Co Sustaining Member
Censea Sustaining Member
Godaco Seafood JSC Individual Business Member
King Aqua Services (Pvt) Ltd. Individual Business Member
McKnight & Company Individual Business Member
Minh Phu Seafood Corporation Governing Member
Sam's Club Sustaining Member
Santa Monica Seafood Company Sustaining Member
Sustainable Strategies and Initiatives Governing Member
Raw Seafoods Sustaining Member
William Collis Individual Business
Chantal Andriamilamina Individual Business
Lotus Seafood Inc. Individual Business