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62% of food fish will come from aquaculture by 2030

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Aerial view of an aquaculture farm in New Zealand

About GAA

Founded in 1997, the Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to advocacy, education and leadership in responsible aquaculture.

We uphold and engage stakeholders worldwide who are dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture practices. Through the development of our Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standards, GAA has become the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood.

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The Latest From GAA

Earth Day: A Reminder of Our Important Role in Mitigating Climate Change

This post was written by GAA President George Chamberlain in honor of Earth Day and Earth Month. As we reflect on the passage of Earth Day on 22 April, we applaud the galvanizing efforts of climate-change activists like Greta Thunberg, who’s PBS documentary “Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World”, reminds us of the […]

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Sludge report: Finding value in Norway’s aquaculture waste

Bioretur converts aquaculture waste, or sludge, into fertilizer as demand for “circular economy” technologies grows. 

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Aquademia Podcast

The Aquademia Podcast

Hosted by Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Shaun O’Loughlin, Justin Grant, and Maddie Cassidy, Aquademia is your go-to podcast for a fresh take on all things seafood.

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To meet the world's seafood needs aquaculture production will need to increase by 44.6 million metric tons.

GAA Films

Our invitation to the public to hear the personal side of aquaculture.

Fish, faces, and farms have stories to tell. Aquaculture is essential to the future of food—we want to make sure the voices involved are heard.

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GOAL 2021 Seattle Skyline

GOAL 2021 logo

Introducing The New GOAL Experience

Virtual Events: Open to all GAA individual and corporate members, a series of half-day virtual events will be held in 2021 beginning in April.

In-Person Event: Open to paying registrants only, an in-person event is slated for Seattle, USA, in the fall. Venue and dates to be determined.

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