Aquaculture planning, development in Brazilian federal waters

Rodrigo Roubach, Ph.D. Antônio Ostrensky, Ph.D. Eduardo Pickler Schulter Dr. Guilherme Wolff Bueno

Tilapia production will lead the way A key strategy of Brazil’s More Fishing and Aquaculture plan is the development of aquaculture in federal waters. A variety of freshwater fish are raised in the floating cages. Aquaculture in Brazilian federal waters is worth around 3.0 billion Brazilian reals (U.S. $987.4 million) in business and provides a…

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  • Rodrigo Roubach, Ph.D.

    Rodrigo Roubach, Ph.D.

    Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture
    SBS Quadra 02, Lote 10
    Bloco J, Edificio Carlton Tower
    Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil


  • Antônio Ostrensky, Ph.D.

    Antônio Ostrensky, Ph.D.

    Department of Animal Science
    Federal University of Paraná
    Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

  • Eduardo Pickler Schulter

    Eduardo Pickler Schulter

    EPS Aquaculture and Environment

  • Dr. Guilherme Wolff Bueno

    Dr. Guilherme Wolff Bueno

    Department of Animal Science
    University of Brasília
    Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro
    Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil