Colombia to diversify its aquaculture industry through marine fish culture

Mabel S. Mendoza Jaime A. Rojas

Cobia, grouper and pompano are species of interest Groupers have been maintained in cages since they were juveniles, so they have adapted to captivity. Colombia has been recognized as one of the most privileged countries for aquaculture development in Latin America, primarily because of its year-round favorable tropical weather and geographic position, with coasts on…

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  • Mabel S. Mendoza

    Mabel S. Mendoza

    Center for Aquaculture Research in Colombia
    Laboratorio CENIACUA
    Carrera 70 F No.78 A-84
    Bogota, Colombia


  • Jaime A. Rojas

    Jaime A. Rojas

    Center for Research, Education and Recreation (CEINER)
    Fundación Marina
    Cartagena, Colombia