Energy efficiency in pumping systems on aquaculture farms

Econ. Patricio Salazar Benítez Ing. Enrico Delfini Escala Ing. Riccardo Delfini Matheus
sistemas de bombeo

Ecuador’s sustainable strategies for improved competitiveness, production costs and maximum operational efficiency Improving energy efficiency in Ecuador’s shrimp farming industry by increasing access to the electric grid can generate greater competitiveness, reduce production costs and help achieve maximum operational efficiency. The current scenario of lower international prices for shrimp indicates a new reality. The growth…

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  • Econ. Patricio Salazar Benítez

    Econ. Patricio Salazar Benítez

    President GPS GROUP
    Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Ing. Enrico Delfini Escala

    Ing. Enrico Delfini Escala

    President AQUAMAR S.A.
    Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Ing. Riccardo Delfini Matheus

    Ing. Riccardo Delfini Matheus

    President Delta Delfini y Cia.  
    Guayaquil, Ecuador