Evaluating Nannochloropsis-based feeds for tilapia

Ingrid Lupatsch, Ph.D. Oluyemi Gbadamosi

Nutritional assessment shows adequate growth, survival, FCR and enhanced EPA levels Due to its favorable protein and lipid content, and availability, the microalga Nannochloropsis salina (dry product, left) – which can be produced in bioreactors (right) – is a promising alternative ingredient for aquafeeds as well as various industrial applications. Aquaculture growth has resulted in…

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  • Ingrid Lupatsch, Ph.D.

    Ingrid Lupatsch, Ph.D.

    Associated British Agriculture, UK


  • Oluyemi Gbadamosi

    Oluyemi Gbadamosi

    Postgraduate Student
    Swansea University, UK