NIRS technology ensures shrimp feed quality at farm level

Alberto J. P. Nunes, Ph.D. Thiago Costa Paiva

Technology successfully applied in Brazil NIRS can perform multiple analyses within minutes. The NIRS concept is based on prediction models using calibration curves for desired nutrients. The nutrient quality and biological performance of shrimp feeds result from the nature and quality of the raw materials used in their composition, as well as the formulation tools, equipment…

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  • Alberto J. P. Nunes, Ph.D.

    Alberto J. P. Nunes, Ph.D.

    LABOMAR – Instituto de Ciências do Mar
    Av. da Abolição, 3207 – Meireles
    CEP 60165-081 Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil


  • Thiago Costa Paiva

    Thiago Costa Paiva

    Sergio de Lima Cavalcanti
    Queiroz Galvão Alimentos S.A.
    Pendências, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil