On-site diagnostic kit identifies WSSV in shrimp

Mary Beth B. Maningas Joselito A. Tabardillo, Jr. Christopher Marlowe Caipang

Loop medicated isothermal amplification (LAMP) identifies target gene of pathogen In field testing, farm staff readily learned how to use the WSSV detection kits. Global aquaculture production has increased steadily, now producing 90 million metric tons (MT) valued at $144 billion annually and accounting for 42 percent of the total fisheries production, according to the latest…

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  • Mary Beth B. Maningas

    Mary Beth B. Maningas

    Research Center for the Natural Sciences
    Department of Biological Science
    College of Science
    University of Santo Tomas, España
    Manila, Philippines


  • Joselito A. Tabardillo, Jr.

    Joselito A. Tabardillo, Jr.

    Research Center for the Natural Sciences
    University of Santo Tomas, España

  • Christopher Marlowe Caipang

    Christopher Marlowe Caipang

    Temasek Polytechnic