News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Tractor-powered paddlewheels provide emergency pond aeration

Even with dedicated aerators, aquaculture farms can experience stress and mortality in culture animals due to low dissolved oxygen concentrations in pond water. Simple tractor-powered aerators offer a quick and portable solution to low dissolved oxygen levels that provides strong 

Health & Welfare

Prototype stunner tested on rainbow trout

Research at the Conservation Fund’s Fresh­water Institute is evaluating a prototype percussive stunning system for slaughtering food-size rainbow trout. 

Health & Welfare

Preventing melanosis in shrimp

The black spots of melanosis quickly arise in harvested shrimp from enzymatic reactions in shrimp tissue or external stressors. 


Rethinking feeding for cultured shrimp

Underfeeding can slow growth rates and overfeeding adversely affects water quality so it is critical to adjust feeding rates to meet actual demands of shrimp. 


Measuring water flow

Water flow within channels can be measured using the float method or calculated using rating curves that project water velocity based on a series of finite measurements.