News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.
Health & Welfare

Freshwater fish culture in China

About 60 percent of China’s aquaculture production is freshwater fish. Carps top the list, although many other native and non-native species are also raised. 


Brazil’s inland aquaculture

Freshwater fish culture is practiced in every state in Brazil, primarily at small-scale earthen pond facilities, but til­ap­ia culture in reservoir cages is increasing. 

Health & Welfare

Reengineering Dipasena

A revitalization of the huge integrated Dipasena Citra Darmaja farm complex is directing individual farmers to raise white shrimp using biosecure protocols in a modular culture approach. 


Freshwater farming in Papua New Guinea

To further development of freshwater fish farming in Papua New Guinea, farmers need improved supplies of fingerlings and appropriate training and extension services. 


Barramundi culture in Australia

From recirculation units, earthen ponds and sea pens in Australia, barramundi are spreading to other continents due to the advent of sophisticated modular culture systems.