Soybean meal, distillers grains replace fishmeal in experimental shrimp diets

Vaun C. Cummins Kenneth R. Thompson Carl D. Webster, Ph.D.

Soybeans are the most widely used plant protein ingredient in aquafeeds In research that evaluated the ability of DDGS to partially replace SBM as the primary protein source in diets for juvenile white shrimp, feed pellet stability may have been an issue. Global aquaculture production of shrimp has grown dramatically within the last two decades.…

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  • Vaun C. Cummins

    Vaun C. Cummins

    Center for Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition
    3031 Catnip Hill Pike
    Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356 USA


  • Kenneth R. Thompson

    Kenneth R. Thompson

    Aquaculture Research Center
    Kentucky State University
    Frankfort, Kentucky, USA

  • Carl D. Webster, Ph.D.

    Carl D. Webster, Ph.D.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Agricultural Research Service
    Harry K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center
    Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA

    (All three authors were employed at the Kentucky State University Aquaculture Research Center when this article was written.)