News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



New policies, initiatives could advance U.S. aquaculture

U.S. policies are intended to facilitate sustainable marine aquaculture, restore natural resources and enhance fisheries. Additional initiatives address shellfish production, aquaculture management in the Gulf of Mexico and technology transfer. 

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New Zealand addresses social factors in aquaculture development

The regulatory system for aquaculture in New Zealand addresses social and cultural factors through legislation and policies that strongly utilize public consultation. The indigenous Mäori people, for example, play an integral role in aquaculture development. 


Carbon dioxide: Waste, nutrient

Carbon dioxide is both a nutrient and a waste product in aquaculture. Some pond managers feel that application of organic matter to provide additional carbon dioxide can reduce pH and control blue-green algae. 

Health & Welfare

Microbial flora of aquaculture products

The microbial flora of farmed seafood products, particularly the microorganisms considered human pathogens, are important to individuals and agencies.