News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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A helping hand to lend: UK aquaculture seeks to broaden its horizons

Aquaculture is an essential contributor to the world food security challenge, and every stakeholder has a role to play in the sector’s evolution, delegates were told at the recent Aquaculture’s Global Outlook: Embracing Internationality seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


How will climate change impact seafood production?

Much work is needed to properly address and prepare for the potential impacts of climate change, and to continue increasing the contribution of seafood production to feed a growing human population. 

Innovation & Investment

On GM foods, part 3: Let’s decide where we’re going

To assess the role of genetic engineering in agriculture, we should first state what we want from our agricultural systems. Agriculture, and by extension the future of aquaculture, lacks a succinct direction. 


Pesquerías y acuacultura: Actividades hermanas con una meta común

La acuacultura y la pesca — aunque significativamente diferentes pues una agricultura y la otra es cacería — son actividades relacionadas muy de cerca que comparten muchos componentes de sus cadenas de valor, incluyendo sus mercados y clientes. Ambas tienen 


Fisheries and aquaculture: Sister activities with a common goal

Aquaculture and fisheries – although significantly different as one is farming and the other one is hunting – are very closely related activities that share many components of their value chains, including their markets and customers. 


Infographic: Aquaculture by the Numbers

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization convened fishery officials from around the world in Morocco last week and referred to the industry as the world's fastest-growing food-producing sector. This infographic takes a closer look at the importance of aquaculture 


Nutrition, food security take center stage

The Global Nutrition Report 2014 highlights that nutrition and food security is a concern in all countries, not just low-income ones. Urbanization and rising living standards are key drivers in the ongoing increases in seafood demand and fisheries development. 


Is the seafood story that complicated?

The United States Food and Drug Administration has updated its advice for pregnant women on mercury and seafood with greater emphasis on the benefits of eating fish. This is a positive story, but reporting on the new perspective muddied its