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Health & Welfare

Advances in tilapia nutrition, part 2

Nutrition has an important role on growth, performance and flesh quality of tilapia. Part two of this two-part series looks into mineral supplementation and feeding strategy. 

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Health & Welfare

Advances in tilapia nutrition, part 1

This two-part review brings together scientific and field advances in tilapia nutrition and feeding to better support the formulation of feeds for better production performance. 


Omega-3s in seafood benefit nutrition, health

Are consumers fully aware of the health benefits of seafood? Many consumers do not act as if they are. It seems they do not have the information they need about the positive impacts the omega-3 fatty acids in seafood make 


Liposomes open new doors in larval fish nutrition

Liposomes, synthetic microparticles originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry, can be produced for ingestion by rotifers and artemia. A study found that yellowtail larvae fed rotifers enhanced with liposomes containing taurine had improved growth. 


Nutrition, food security take center stage

The Global Nutrition Report 2014 highlights that nutrition and food security is a concern in all countries, not just low-income ones. Urbanization and rising living standards are key drivers in the ongoing increases in seafood demand and fisheries development. 

Health & Welfare

Sound hatchery protocols enhance shrimp postlarvae quality

Investing in the quality of shrimp postlarvae by applying state-of-the-art hatchery management results in a significant return on investment. Nutrition and health protocols have large impacts on postlarvae quality that last beyond the early life stages. 


Is the seafood story that complicated?

The United States Food and Drug Administration has updated its advice for pregnant women on mercury and seafood with greater emphasis on the benefits of eating fish. This is a positive story, but reporting on the new perspective muddied its